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>> The following program is sponsored by El Camino Hospital in partnership with the Blue Orchid Press. >> It’s time to take charge of your family’s health and well-being right now. [Background music] Find out how you can become a more empowered patient and caregiver today. [ Music ] >> Hi, I’m Nurse Barb with your Daily Dose. I’m here at El Camino Hospital where they’re using technology, medical innovation, and mobile applications so that all of us can become empowered and educated about the best options for our health.
Like many women, I’m also a busy mom, wife, and daughter in-law [background music], so I know what it’s like to wear many hats including being what’s known as the family medical officer, the one who is responsible for advising and caring for everyone whether it’s my husband, my son, my parents, or even my friends. It’s the same for every woman I know. We all want health information that we can trust that’s credible and up-to-date. >> Can anyone use the Health Library here at El Camino Hospital? >> Anyone can use the library.
Are– were heavily used by the doctors and nurses, but we are open to public. We definitely welcome them, which more members of public would come in and it is free, all our services are free. >> Why should they use the Health Library at El Camino Hospital and not just go online for information? >> The advantage of using the library over searching for information on the internet is well to quote one physician, “Looking for health information on the internet is like looking for a diamond in a garbage dump.”
You can go online, you can put in your search term and you receive all sorts of information you don’t know where it’s from and probably a lot of it is not practically helpful. [Background music] Our collection is vetted by myself, my colleague Karen. We know who published it, often know who the author is, we’ve read reviews. And so you basically have that human element filtering the information for you.
So if you come in here, you know that the information you’re receiving is credible. >> The holidays are filled with great food and often even greater family stories. So this season as the family medical officer, take time to learn more about grandmas or Uncle Bob’s medical conditions. Can you tell me how important is it for people to know their family medical history? >>
That’s a good question, and it’s really important for people to know their family medical history. As your family medical history is a great indicator, great tool for helping your doctors and helping you see any patterns or any conditions that could be potentially impacting your health or your children’s health or your other family member’s health. So, keeping a record of that is really useful for not only yourself but your family. >> El Camino Hospital has developed unique tools to help and empower you as the family medical officer.
>> In addition to the family medical history tool, they have developed an application for your mobile phone that gives you immediate access to ER wait times, a medical librarian, your personal health information, and even the ability to find a doctor, and navigate within the hospital. >> Your primary care provider is really the ideal person to help you integrate all of this information.
Why is it important to see a primary care physician before you become sick [background music] and should you be bringing your list of medications and maybe your family medical history? >> It is absolutely important to establish a relationship with a primary care physician before you’re sick. The doctor needs to be able to take into account your entire history, which is why bringing in your family health history as well as your list of medications gives the doctor a better sense of who you are and of what steps are necessary.
>> So by doing that, you can advise people about ways to reduce the risk of becoming sick. >> Absolutely. Preventative medicine is very important. [Background music] When the physician knows about your history, knows your medical problem, hopefully he or she can help prevent things from popping up in the future. >> Take the first step toward being more informed, join El Camino Hospital’s health perks.
Members should gives you VIP access to the Health Library and Resource Centers, screenings, lectures, health information, the family medical history tool, and mobile app for all of us family medical officers. Go online and sign up today. Use Nurse Barb as the code and it’s free. And as always, get the information you need to make the best physicians for your health and the health of your family. This is Nurse Barb with your Daily Dose. [ Music ]