8 AMAZING Health Benefits Of Mct Oil | Dr. Nick Z

In this video, I’ll uncover 8 amazing health benefits of MCT oil. If you’re someone who’s trying to get into the state of ketosis, they did a study out there and those who are using MCTs were actually able to get into ketosis faster. I follow a low carb diet on the regular. And then I also like to utilize these MCTs for brain fuel. I make MCT powder with a smoothie because they’re able to reduce seizures by boosting ketone levels.
Ketones are very healthy for the nervous system. Powerful stuff. When we look at our health in general and people who are having heart attacks and clots and all this is an inflammatory problem in the cardiovascular system. There’s a lot of craze in the health community over MCT oil as there should be because it has an amazing amount of benefits to offer you.
But the truth is, is not too many people understand the benefits that it offers and how they can utilize in order to improve their health. So that’s what we’re going to discuss in this video. We’re going to talk about eight amazing health benefits of MCT oil so stick around to the end so that you can learn everything you need to know about how to use MCT oil. But before we get started, I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome to the channel. If you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have you here.
Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and join our notification community that we can help you sell your health and your life. So let’s go ahead and kick this off by starting with what is MCT oil. So when we look at MCTs in general they’re referred to as Medium Chain Triglycerides. Medium Chain Triglycerides.
And typically when we see MCT oils coming from coconut oil it also can come from like palm kernel oil, it can come from butter. But typically, it’s coming from coconut oil. Now specifically MCTs are the Medium Chain Triglycerides that are mixed in with the long chain triglycerides. Now the thing is about these two different types of triglycerides is that the medium chain have an enormous amount of benefit to offer you.
Now the long chain do as well. But when we look at really getting the most benefit from the triglycerides, medium chain are going to be the most powerful they have the special ability to actually go right to the liver and be converted into ketones so that they can be utilized and easily absorbed into the cell. And so, the MCTs are taken from the coconut oil they’re put into a container to put into a bottle and that way you can utilize that specific triglyceride in order to help improve your health.
Here’s some of the common MCTs that you’re going to find when you look at MCT oil. So let’s look at that as the basic understanding and then of course let’s go ahead jump in and all the benefits that it has to offer.
First I want to talk about weight loss because a lot of people really like MCTs for weight loss and yes this is a scientific proven fact that it does help with weight loss. Let’s talk about some of the ways that it does. So first of all it promotes satiety. One of the things that they did is they had a group of people take like olive oil, then they had a group of people take like soybean oil, they had them take these different types of oil and essentially what they found is that when people took MCTs over these other oils, they had more satiety.
As a result they consume less calories as a result they were able to lose some weight. It also reduces fat storage and increases fat burning. So, one of the major benefits of MCTs is that they have this special ability to basically keep off the hormone sensitive lipase that wants to turn them into triglycerides and they have the ability to actually be utilized directly by the body as an energy source.
And so, one of the things they do is they do not like to be stored as fat. And they also help increase metabolic function and also help increase fat burning. So that’s really great and they can actually even help kickstart that fat burning mode so that your body starts burning fat for energy and that way you actually are able to lose some of that belly fat, some of that fat around your body even been trying to get rid of. It also significantly reduces belly fat.
There’s some studies out there where they found that it significantly reduced weight, belly fat, and just improved overall health. It has fewer calories in the long chain triglycerides. Now remember I talked about coconut oil there’s long chain in there, there’s medium chain, the same thing goes when it comes to butter or some of these different oils out there, but what they found is that the medium chain actually fewer calories. So that also can help with weight loss if you are trying to increase satiety and also get fewer calories in.
It’s used as an instant energy source. I’ve talked about this a lot and we’ll talk about it a little bit more how it actually goes to the liver and it just has a special way that it’s metabolized and utilized. It also promotes a healthy gut. So many people who are trying to lose weight, if they have an unhealthy gut it’s going to mess with your hormones cause a lot of issues there.
Now I will say this too. When it comes to MCT oil – a lot of people and I say this because I work with a lot of patients who have got issues – a lot of people will react negatively to the actual oil. So what we utilize clinically is an MCT powder. The MCT powder does not have that negative reaction. There’s actually some different studies out there and anecdotal evidence that basically says yeah you know a lot of people have negative reactions to the oil, and as far as their gut goes they’ll get some diarrhea, gas, bloating, that kind of thing, but the powder works very well.
What I’ll do is I’ll put a link in the description below to the powder that I recommend. Support low carb and keto diet. Now this is really important because first of all I follow a low carb diet. A lot of people are following keto diet and so the MCTs are very powerful in helping you maintain these type of diets. First what is going to promote the state of ketosis so if you’re someone who’s trying to get into the state of ketosis they did a study out there and those who are using MCTs were actually able to get into ketosis faster.
The other thing that they found is that when people are trying to get into ketosis and they use the MCTs, they are able to actually go and avoid a lot of the symptoms known as the keto flu that come along with that transition. So that’s really awesome. Now it’s also going to support staying in ketosis so let’s say you know you’re working to get it and finally you got into is the MCTs will support that ketogenic diet, that keto lifestyle, and help you stay into ketosis.
They’re easily digested and absorbed mentioned this couple times they go right to the liver to utilize as a quick energy and fuel source and easily absorbed by the cell. It’s also converted directly into ketones. So, when we get some of these other fats first of all they have to go and they get stored as triglycerides and then they are able to actually be utilized once your body breaks down fat for energy.
But these MCTs specifically are able to actually just be broken down and utilized right away, turned into ketones, and used by the body for energy. Bypasses a hormone sensitive lipase, I had mentioned that, and also it does not impact insulin levels which is very important if you’re trying to a low carb diet state of ketosis you do not want things that are spiking insulin levels.
When they did a lot of the testing out there the MCTs were not budging the insulin levels in either direction which is good. Next here is brain super fuel. Now, a lot of people who are in the bio hacking community love this topic of how they can support brain health and bio hack their brain, that kind of thing. Well the MCTs are one of the major ways that they talk about doing it.
So, the brain has two different sources that is going to use for fuel. It’s going to use sugar or is going to be able to use fats. That’s fats in the form of ketones basically. And so, when we look at the brain, it’s important to realize that the brain is 60 plus percent fat. This is a very fatty organ is the fattest organ in the whole body. And so, when we look at the brain, we want to make sure that we’re supporting it properly.
And fortunately, the brain really likes using ketones for energy and this is why we’ll talk about in just a moment how a lot of people have neurological conditions they do very well with these ketones. So, the brain has either sugar or ketones. When you utilize these MCTs, it’s able to be utilized quickly by the brain. So it is a fast fuel that is absorbed rapidly.
The ketones that are used as energy for the brain cells which is really, really powerful, and one of the reasons it’s able to do this is because these ketones can cross the blood brain barrier very effectively, get right to the cells in the brain and be utilized for energy. It also helps improve cognitive performance. One of the things I do you know we talked about this keto lifestyle, I follow a low carb diet on the regular, and then I also like to utilize these MCTs for brain fuel.
How I break my fast every single day is with coffee in that MCT powder which I had already mentioned. You’re able to take the MCT powder on the go. That’s why I like it. There’s no blending it’s very easy to utilize you can take it to the coffee shop with you. I put that MCT powder in my coffee. It gives me great brain feel but also you get that a little bit of caffeine boost and you’re just laser focused for hours after that.
So, I’m a big fan of utilizing it for brain fuel. Like I said use that powder put it in your coffee – works amazing. Next here is improves physical performance. Now there’s really a lot of emerging research in this area which is really cool because for those of us who are athletes or those who are looking to work out and get a little bit of extra performance boost or just people who just let’s say are fatigued throughout the day and they would need that extra energy so that they can physically complete their job or do the tasks they need to do.
So, when we look at increasing physical performance, a couple of things that is going to do is can help decrease lactic acid buildup – the lactate buildup – which is very important because what happens is that when you get this lactate buildup throughout your exercise, it’s going to decrease performance. And so, what it helps do is it helps decrease that buildup.
The other thing it can do is it makes you very sore after your workouts. So using MCTs for this is really powerful. They also found that it improved time trial performance. So what they did is they took a group of individuals. They were doing high intensity interval training. With the high intensity interval training, they used these MCTs and they found that those who are using the MCTs versus those who are just using some other random forms of oils they found that the MCTs were able to actually decrease their time trial performance which was really cool.
So, utilizing it for exercise performance or just physical performance in any way is great. It also allows for the use of fat for energy during your workout. So that’s a big conversation in the athletic world because you know as we have these exogenous ketones that are being utilized as a way to boost physical performance and we have the MCTs and then of course you know we have the body that uses like the sugar system for exercise performance and then of course taking both of them combining them together what can that do for exercise performance.
Lot of conversation to have there and I don’t want to go in the weeds. That’s for another time but MCTs are going to help build your physical performance. It’s also going to help neurological conditions. Now this is incredibly powerful here. We talked about neurological conditions there are so many people out there suffering and it just breaks my heart when I see these people who have Alzheimer’s, kids who have autism, kids who have epilepsy.
So, let’s go ahead and talk about a few things here. So, the ketones are known to reduce seizures. So these kids who have epilepsy, if they’re taking like exogenous ketones, using these MCTs, really, really powerful for going and reducing epilepsy. One of the things I’ll have one of my patients who has epilepsy do they’ll go and mix this in with a tea, they’ll mix MCT powder and with a smoothie and they’ll get some really great results with it because they’re able to reduce seizures by boosting ketone levels. Ketones are very healthy for the nervous system.
Powerful stuff. Alzheimer’s impairs the brain energy system. So, when we look at Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s will basically decrease the ability of the brain to function based off utilizing sugar for energy. So, when you go when you start pushing a lot of coconut oil, a lot of MCTs, essentially what happens is you can boost brain function. So, if you really want to boost some brain function and help someone who has Alzheimer’s utilize this MCT powder in order to actually get the results you’re looking for. I mean you can see it immediately.
If you have someone who has Alzheimer’s, you start utilizing these MCTs in high doses, it helps them a lot because it allows their brain to actually have a fuel to function on. Ketones show positive signs in autism. So when these children go on the ketogenic diet, when they start boosting ketones, when they use MCTs to boost ketones, it helps boost their cognitive performance and it helps these autistic kids to be able to stay more focused, stay more on task, and able to just help them in the classroom, help them just generally in life altogether so utilizing these MCTs for neurological conditions is incredibly powerful.
Don’t overlook this and if you know somebody who has this issue make sure that you share this video with them so that they can utilize MCTs to improve their life. Next here is improved gut health. Now a lot of people are suffering from gut health. I specifically work with a lot of health conditions whether it be ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, CBO, all these different things we talk about here on the channel.
Now when we look at MCTs, they are going to have an anti-microbial effect, anti-fungal effect. And studies show that it actually helps reduce candida. When we have people who have an overabundance of candida within the gut, essentially what’s going to happen they’re going to get gas, they’re going to get bloating, they’re going to get constipation, they’re going to get diarrhea they’re going to get a lot of skin reactions, and they’re going to have a lot of eczema, those sorts of thing. So, when we look at the skin health, gut health, and everything all together the MCTs are really great for improving gut health. And then also the other thing that I want to mention here is that the MCT powder that I’m talking about has a prebiotic in it.
So, if you see a few calories in there and you’re going to where are those calories coming from, it’s actually a fiber. And that fiber is known to not be able to be digested in the small intestine.
So, it actually can go to the bacteria, it can get into the large intestines. It can be utilized as a prebiotic to feed those good bacteria to help support gut health which is really powerful stuff because we want to make sure that we’re supporting and promoting the good bacteria in our gut so that we can have good overall gastrointestinal health. Let’s go ahead and move forward here and talk about blood sugar management. A lot of people out there suffering from insulin resistance. MCTs actually offers you some pretty promising benefits here.
It’s going to support those with insulin resistance because what is going to help do is first of all I mean we talked about all the things about weight management. It’s going to help reduce your hunger. It’s going to help reduce cravings. It’s going to just help your body in so many ways but it also is going to help balance your insulin levels, your blood sugar levels, and offer you some support.
There was a study done in China where they took 40 people and basically what they found is that the MCTs, those who are utilizing it the MCTs versus you utilizing other types of like long chain triglycerides, they essentially were able to get some great results in reversing diabetes or able to lose fat. They’re able to lose total body weight. They were able to balance out their insulin levels and so MCTs are really powerful.
I’m not saying that’s all you have to do. We had to have a proper diet, we have some exercise, we have to have some other things going on here. But MCTs added in are going to be incredibly beneficial. It also going to help stabilize blood sugar. There was another study and what they did as a top 10 diabetic patients and they had them use MCTs on a daily basis.
And what they found is that they just had more stability with their blood sugar and they weren’t getting these huge high and lows. They weren’t getting these huge insulin spikes and so very, very promising stuff here when we talk about reducing the blood sugar and also just having total blood sugar management, utilize this as another tool in your toolbox in order to help reverse diabetes.
Next here is improved heart health. Now, everybody needs improved heart health. When we look at heart health in general these heart attacks all these things people are facing I mean is one in four people that die from heart attacks on a regular basis. I mean it’s every 40 seconds, somebody has a heart related death. So, we want to make sure that we’re doing our best to improve our heart health and there’s a lot of information on the channel about this particular stuff. Now, when we look at heart health one of the things that MCTs are going to do is it can help reduce LDL.
So, LDLs are considered this bad cholesterol. So MCTs have been found to reduce that bad cholesterol. Now, it also has been found to increase the heart healthy, the heart protective cholesterol. And those are the HDLs. So that’s very powerful there. And it also has been shown to reduce CRP. Now, this is an inflammatory marker. And so, this is really important because when we talk about heart health, we can get wrapped up in the cholesterol conversation.
I like to get wrapped up in the inflammation conversation because essentially when we look at heart health in general, these people were having heart attacks and clots and all this, is an inflammatory problem in the cardiovascular system that is causing a lot of this. It causes the oxidation of the cholesterol which causes many of these strokes and things that people are facing today.
So, we want to reduce inflammation so that we reduce the oxidation of this cholesterol and we want to make sure that we’re not only getting wrapped up in the cholesterol conversation. So, these are all the ways that these MCT oils are going to help you boost your health check out the link in the description below for the MCT powder that I could use clinically. It’s research proven and really great stuff. Be sure to put in the comments section how you use MCTs and then check out this video right over here.
So, I did a video that is going to help you reverse insulin resistance. We talked a lot about it in this video, how important it is, how MCTs support this process. This video is going to take you to the next level when it comes to reversing insulin resistance. Check it out here. Incorporating these into the daily routine is really going to do a lot of good things for your overall health in general, but also do a lot of great things for reversing insulin resistance.